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Unlike natural medicine, which takes a holistic view of the body, conventional medicine is highly specialized. This leads to hyper-focused attention on individual organs and bodily systems instead of the whole person. Dr. Habib and his team at Next Health recognize the need to improve the annual physical model and preventive medicine in general. We provide exceptional alternative medicine services to patients throughout Maryland and Virginia. We have extensively researched breakthrough advances in medicine and created a blend of medical approaches that allow us to detect disease at a very early stage, and more importantly, to prevent disease.
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The Next Health Way
Harmful signals, such as inflammation, trigger the expression of most chronic diseases years in advance. Today, too many people are aging prematurely. This leads to common diseases that used to be related mostly or exclusively to people of advanced age. Using DNA analysis, we seek out, halt, and then reverse harmful processes. People of all ages can enjoy the benefits of Dr. Habib’s integrated and holistic approach and complementary treatment methods. Dr. Habib uses the best tools at his disposal to provide precision diagnosis, primarily drug-free treatment, and outcomes that far exceed conventional medicine.
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